Nuclear Metals Superfund Site

Removal Action

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Project Overview

The Nuclear Metals site, a 46.4-acre parcel located in the western portion of Concord, MA, was used by specialty metals manufacturing facilities licensed to possess low-level radioactive substances from 1957 to 1972. These facilities conducted research and development primarily for the US Army and Atomic Energy Commission. Subsequent to 1972, the site was owned and operated by a company that developed a large-scale depleted uranium (DU) manufacturing operation under contract with the US Army. More recently, site activities included the production of beryllium-aluminum materials. Charter conducted the demolition phase of a long-term Superfund cleanup effort at the former manufacturing facility, which produced depleted uranium products and specialty metal powders within the confines of the 185,000 SF complex. During each phase, Charter was at risk of exposing radiologically contaminated material due to the vulnerable state of the site infrastructure. Through careful up-front planning, rigorous safety training and monitoring, and collaboration with the client, Charter successfully executed this phase of remediation minimizing potential risk for future work and the environment.


Precision Demolition

Proximity to neighboring homes and businesses called for a surgical demolition operation with limited disturbances to the neighboring communities in terms of migrant dust, debris, and noise. Charter safely dismantled and sized the debris and waste from buildings while deploying a constant spray of atomized mist to knock down dust particles associated with building demolition. Pre-demolition surveys were conducted to segregate hazardous wastes for proper disposal. Container loading took place in the Exclusion Zone to reduce the risk for spreading any contaminated material. Continuous radiological monitoring was performed for site personnel, equipment, and on each container of waste before ultimately sending all the waste streams to an approved disposal facility – over 12.5 MM pounds in all.

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Project Highlights

  • Over 12.5 MM pounds of contaminated waste removed from site
  • 185,000 SF complex that previously produced low-level radioactive substances and later manufactured depleted uranium
  • Required intensive dust control and utilized atomizing misters to minimize dust generation
  • Charter personnel received specialty training on the decontamination and neutralization procedures while dealing with low-level radioactive substances and DU

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