Harvard-Allston Science Complex

Regulated Soil Removal

  • The Welch Group
  • Harvard University
  • Commercial
  • Allston, MA

Project Overview

The 7 acre Harvard Allston First Science Complex, one of the largest asbestos soil clean-up projects in the state, involved site work along a busy urban thoroughfare. To prepare for subsequent building construction, Charter performed excavated materials management including 598,000 CY of soils dewatering, conditioning, transportation, and disposal; 25,000 CY lead hazardous soils in-situ stabilization; and 62,000 CY asbestos contaminated soil disposal.

Project Coordination

This project represented one of the state’s largest asbestos soil clean-up projects and with its location in a highly-trafficked urban area, required detailed coordination. Charter managed dewatering and water treatment and performed 598,000 CY of soil conditioning, characterization, loading, transportation, and disposal from the 7 acre, 48ft deep excavation. Charter coordinated production rates with 14 separate disposal facilities allowing an average of 4,000 CY of excavated soil to be disposed of daily. Trucks were staged in an off-site area with CB radio contact to minimize traffic issues, control influx of construction materials, and manage T&D operations. Through successful planning, Charter implemented the asbestos abatement program four weeks ahead of schedule.

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Project Highlights

  • Transported and disposed of 598,000 CY of soil
  • Managed 48ft deep excavation area over 7-acre project site
  • Performed groundwater control, excavation dewatering, and water treatment
  • Treated 25,000 CY of TCLP soil to non-hazardous levels
  • One of the state’s largest asbestos soil clean-up projects
  • Abatement implemented 4 weeks ahead of schedule

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