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LEAD Program

Program Overview

Charter’s LEAD program allows recent college graduates or folks with 1-3 years of experience the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the company and gain knowledge of the industry. This comprehensive developmental program is designed so you are learning with the natural work flow of the company to ensure your reach your developmental goals.

Learn about the construction industry and the Charter way

Explore different career opportunities at Charter through the program rotations

Accelerate your career by learning from experts in the industry

Develop a strong professional and technical skill set through a hands on experience

Our goal is to expose you to different areas of the company at a rapid pace so you can design your own career path. The LEAD program takes our new generation of employees and turns them into Charter’s future leaders.

The LEAD program is flexible. If you start down one of these career paths and decide you want to switch, we will work together to help you transition down another path. We want our employees to love what they do and are committed to ensuring each and every employee is doing the job they are receiving the most fulfillment from.

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  • Project Engineer Development Program 3


    Often times, winning a job comes down to the penny. Learn how Charter gets the leg up on the competition in the estimating phase. On top of basic estimating skills, you will become a pro at plan reading and takeoffs.

  • Project Engineer Development Program 4

    Project Management

    Whether in the office or onsite, acquiring fundamental Project Management skills is essential to successfully managing Charter projects of all sizes. During this assignment, you’ll learn the basics of project scheduling, procurement, and financial management.

  • Project Engineer Development Program 5

    Field Management

    In your field rotation, you will gain invaluable onsite experience assisting with key aspects of work planning, including job site safety, craft labor, and equipment management.

  • Man sitting at desk working on a computer for project engineer development program

    Program Services

    See what it takes to win a job before we even step foot on a site. Gain exposure to bid strategy, proposal preparation, document control, and develop your technical writing skills.

  • two men in Charter hard hat and white coats with a face mask for project engineer safety management

    Safety Management

    Building and operating safely is a Charter Core Value, and no role onsite is more important than that of the Site Safety and Health Officer (SSHO). In addition to our core program of Safety Training, you’ll have the opportunity to gain exposure to the SSHO role under the tutelage of our Director of Health & Safety.

  • construction worker in Charter hard hat standing with arms crossed at construction site

    Environmental Services

    Charter’s ability to manage complex hazardous waste streams has long been a competitive advantage for the company, and a value-added service provided to our customers. You’ll have the opportunity to gain an understanding of both process and logistics surrounding soil characterization, sampling, testing, excavation, and the transportation and disposal of contaminated materials.

  • Project Engineer Development Program 6

    Finance and Accounting

    At the backbone of every company is financial management and Charter is no different. In this rotation you will learn how Charter does project level accounting and how to analyze the data received to help the project teams make smarter financial decisions.

Development Discussions

You will work closely with the Program Coordinator as you make your way through the main functions of Charter, tracking your progress along the way and conducting development conversations.

Development is at the core of this thorough program and communication is key to everyone’s success. Throughout the program you will, at a minimum, have the following development discussions with managers and our program administrator:

  • Beginning of rotation – Discuss core learning objectives and expectations for the rotation.
  • Quarterly check-ins – Regular check-ins to make sure the rotation is going well and progress is being made towards accomplishing all of the core learning objectives.
  • End of rotation – A final review of achievements; feedback on the Project Engineer strengths and development areas.
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“Charter’s LEAD Program, in conjunction with a culture of teaching and learning, has enabled me to learn a tremendous amount in the four years since graduating college. I know that this program has put me in a place professionally today that I wouldn’t have been able to reach without it.”

Alasdair Cunningham | Assistant Project Manager
BS Civil Engineering
Northeastern University, ‘12
Construction worker in Charter hard hate leaning against piece of machinery

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