Dredging & Waterways
Dredging & Waterways

Waterway Remediation

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Innovative & practical solutions to marine environmental challenges.

Charter has decades of experience performing waterway remediation projects, where we deliver solutions that leverage our environmental, marine, and civil construction experience. Our expertise lies in overcoming challenges such as site access and staging constraints, unforeseen subsurface conditions, environmental controls, and impacted sediment and debris removal.

We are adept at performing projects that require precision dredging around obstructions while working in fast-moving currents, with tidal fluctuations, and during difficult weather conditions. Our dredge projects take place in all settings from large, congested harbors to rural ponds and streams where each project is an opportunity for us to not only solve an immediate problem but to resolve larger issues that impact the environment.


Precision Mechanical & Hydraulic Dredging
Subaqueous Sediment Capping
Dredge Sediments Management
Marine Construction
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