Core Values - From the Beginning

Charter’s Mission: To be the region’s sought-after partner of choice, providing differentiated, safely executed solutions to complex environmental remediation, civil construction, and brownfield redevelopment challenges.

Our core values have been with us since the beginning. And these values only get stronger as we grow. Founded on the principle of authenticity, Charter embarked on a mission to solve challenges for our customers’ unique problems while maintaining an unwavering commitment to safety and quality. As we look out over the horizon to the future and to the increasingly challenging, multi-scope projects we track, it is exactly this commitment that has delivered our success over the years.

  • Safety
  • Integrity and Ethics
  • Partnering
  • Shared Successes
  • Change-Oriented
  • Innovation
  • Willingness to take Risks
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Safety Always

Safety is Charter’s number one priority. It’s embedded in our culture. Our project teams embody that culture daily by delivering high-quality, safe and successful project executions. Each Charter project begins with a clear objective—to become a valued partner that supports our clients and executes its work to their fullest satisfaction without compromising safety at any level. Our safety culture is driven by an Executive Steering Committee designed to develop our safety strategy and ensure its prioritization. Our focus on safety has resulted in us winning the AGC Safety Award consecutively for 14 years.

Charter implements a safety program that details systems and policies, including routine and site specific safety training, contingency plans for emergency situations, regular audits of our adherence to the program, and recognition for safety achievements and improvements. We maintain an ISNetworld Safety Rating of “A” and an EMR of less than 1. We empower field teams to take ownership of the project safety culture. We reward safety innovation and give each employee stop-work authority. Charter field personnel receive a minimum of 40-Hour HAZWOPER and 10-Hour Construction Safety training with access to all applicable refresher courses.

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Our People are our greatest asset

Sure, Charter is yellow iron. But Charter’s core is the hard-working individuals who believe in their ability to better the environment, to better your service experience, and to better the relationship we develop with our customers. Each partnership with our clients begins with our belief in authenticity and evolves through a focused approach to customer-centricity into a valued partnership based on trust and shared successes. So, yes, Charter is yellow iron. But we are more. We are a group of individuals who believe in We, Charter, and who accept, on a daily basis, the challenges we face in each of our projects with one common goal in mind. Shared Success.

Leif Carlson

11 Years experience.
With Charter since 2013.
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No challenge is too great

The work we do is difficult. It is complex. In fact, we seek out the greatest challenges and we develop solutions to combat those challenges with innovation and proven processes and systems. We achieve our greatest successes when we not only solve these challenges, but we also develop a trusted partnership through the manner in which we conduct business. Nothing is more rewarding than hearing our customers say they would recommend us again and again.

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Charter is still evolving and will never stop. We understand that to be successful you must grow and adapt. We will continue to attract the top talent in the industry to fulfill our mission to innovate, construct, and remediate environments on land and water that positively impact the community and the environment, at large.

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