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Soil Management

Soil Management

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Managing risk and liability by leveraging proven expertise.

Charter’s foundation was laid upon its soil and waste management services. Today, Charter is a recognized leader in the management of a broad range of regulated soils and other waste types, handling roughly 2 million tons of material per year. Transportation, disposal or recycling of contaminated wastes, can result in significant risk and liabilities to project owners if not managed properly. Charter’s ability to mitigate this risk through a best in class insurance program paired with its in-depth knowledge of Federal, State and Local regulatory requirements, sets us apart. We routinely conduct audits of facilities to ensure compliance with EPA requirements and have in-house regulatory specialists.

Charter leverages the expertise of our Waste Management and Project Execution teams to overcome site-specific challenges with alternative solutions. We routinely operate and manage our own landfill facilities, recycling operations and reclamation sites as well as maintains strategic relationships with other facilities, resulting in preferred pricing and scheduling to better serve our clients.


Soil, Sediment, and Waste Management
We have 20 years of experience managing large, multi-waste stream, projects with complex site logistics under tight schedule requirements.
Beneficial Reuse & Recycling
Before disposal of a material is considered, we focus on what options exist for the reuse or recycling of the materials we manage for clients so potential credits or cost savings aren’t missed.
Landfill & Facility Operations
Maximizing the benefits a facility that receives both clean and contaminated soils brings to the regional construction and remediation market is something we pride ourselves on. Our facility operation team’s handles thousands of tons of material 365 days/year, while adhering to strict state and local regulations.
Transportation Solutions
Charter maintains a fleet of over 100 diverse, high-quality trucking companies to meet today’s construction needs for MBE and WBE participation goals. We maintain strict Service Agreements and Insurance requirements with all transporters who work with us to provide highest quality service while mitigating liability for our clients.
Waste Characterization
Our knowledge of state, regional, and federal government disposal acceptance and recycling regulations insure waste is properly characterized and classified so clients, sensitive to long-term liability, can better understand and calculate their disposal costs against potential risks.
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