Erie Street

MGP Remediation

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  • Elizabeth, NJ

Project Overview

Charter executed this large-scale in-situ stabilization project and remediation of a 24-acre former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) site in Elizabeth, NJ. The remediation took place within an active facility around critical power-generating infrastructure amongst a densely populated residential neighborhood.

Active Facility

As the site is a former MGP and active LNG site, there were countless utilities to safely abandon or work around. In total, approximately 50 utilities have been located via soft-dig, cut & capped. Additionally, Charter designed and implemented a support system for an active natural gas line in the area of excavation.

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Project Highlights

  • 100,891 tons of MGP-impacted soil excavated, loaded, transported, and disposed of for thermal treatment
  • 4,985 truckloads of MGP-impacted soil
  • 27,909 tons of concrete foundations/footings removed and disposed of
  • 2,911,353 gallons of contact water processed in our Water Treatment System
  • 1,800 LF of soft-dig for utility location completed
  • 56,574 hours of work completed with ZERO incidents