Celebrating 1,000,000 tons at Lynn Landfill with an ode to Olmsted

On April 26, the one millionth ton of soil was accepted at our Lynn landfill closure project, meaning we’ve brought in and carefully placed 1,000,000 tons of grading and shaping soil from throughout the region. This phase of the project is a huge step towards capping the legacy landfill to make way for public community space. The uniquely situated site will be converted into a signature waterfront park, revitalizing a once-contaminated, industrial parcel and turning it into an accessible space that can be enjoyed by the citizens of Lynn for years to come.

On Friday, we held a lunch celebration onsite for the Lynn Landfill project team and our partners; it’s been a true team effort to achieve the 1-million-ton milestone. Despite the incredible volume of material coming to the site, the crew is always steadfast on its commitment to safety, quality, and communication, and it’s thanks to them that we’ve achieved this goal so quickly and seamlessly, bringing us one step closer to realizing a key part of Lynn’s waterfront master plan.

Making this milestone even more significant, the 1,000,000th ton of soil came off a truckload from our Muddy River restoration project, on the anniversary date that marks landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmsted’s, 200th birthday anniversary, a widely celebrated bicentennial event. Charter’s role in restoring the Muddy River and the Emerald Necklace has spanned seven years and over $70m to date, and we’re honored to play a part in returning this significant part of Boston to Olmsted’s original vision for the first open greenway in the world, providing recreational, open parks that link the various neighborhoods of the city.

In Lynn, Charter has brought many of Olmsted’s principles to the forefront of our process, and we’re proud to have imagined and set out to create (and along the way, engineered, permitted, financed and managed) an urban waterfront park for the enjoyment of the Lynn community – something we hope Olmsted would be proud of.

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Celebrating 1,000,000 tons at Lynn Landfill with an ode to Olmsted 3