Work Underway on Muddy River Flood Damage Reduction Phase 2 Project

As the end of summer approaches, Charter is making steady progress on-site for the Muddy River project in anticipation of dredging activities that will start late September or early October.  

The Muddy River is a small waterway in the Boston metropolitan area with a 5.6 square mile watershed. After multiple floods, the city of Boston developed a master plan in 1999 to identify and address issues that were affecting the Muddy River, and authorized the US Army Corps of Engineers to evaluate the plan. The Corps was later authorized to carry out the project for flood damage reduction and environmental restoration. The recommended plan involves the 20-year flood risk management plan as well as extensive environmental dredging to remove sediment and invasive species that impede river flow.

Charter completed Phase 1 of the project in 2016 and was selected by the Corps to carry out Phase 2. So far, Charter has surveyed the existing river channel, completed sediment disposal pre-characterization program, cleared designated trees, constructed site access roads to the river for channel excavation, and constructed staging and sediment management areas. The remaining activities that need to take place in order to start dredging are approval of excavation work plans and sediment disposal packages to the receiving facilities. 

Learn more about the project at the USACE New England’s website.

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Muddy River Phase 2 project