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Civil Construction

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Alleviating the burdens of industry by enhancing the natural and built environment.

Charter provides civil construction services with a focus on building, renovating, and reconstructing core infrastructure. Our work ranges from projects in congested urban locations alleviating infrastructure burdens through drainage improvements to shoreline reconstructions that stabilize and secure waterfront parcels.

Through our self-performing capabilities, Charter executes the demolition of aging infrastructure, reconstructs and improves ecosystems, and responds to varying complex civil challenges. Regardless of the challenge, our focus is on our clients’ needs. Charter excels at executing multi-scope civil projects that improve our clients’ effectiveness and the community at large.


Flood Risk Mitigation
Our experienced team completes complex civil works projects that alleviate and protect our communities from the effects of climate change, rising sea elevation and increased storm events. Whether working in densely populated urban environments, along dynamic coastlines or ecologically sensitive inland waterways – our skilled construction teams possess award winning capabilities to ensure successful completion of this critical infrastructure.
Landfill Construction & Closure
Our trained personnel have the expertise to excavate, relocate, place, and compact waste materials; place and grade clean fill material; and install multi-layer capping systems.
Shoreline Protection & Stabilization
We stabilize streams, rivers and tidal areas subject to erosion through excavation/dredging and placing materials such as soil, rip rap, and stones.
Wetland Construction & Restoration
By utilizing wetland specialists to track current conditions and environmental monitors to observe conditions during work, we restore disturbed or environmentally impacted wetland areas and construct new wetlands.
Excavation & Earth Support
By implementing OSHA Construction Safety & Health procedures our crews utilize our fleet of heavy equipment to safely excavate soil for site preparation and utility construction with proper earth support controls.
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