Alternative Project Delivery
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Alternative Project Delivery

Alternative Project Delivery - Charter

Engaging with clients as partners to collaborate and create unique solutions

Our ability to partner, collaborate and identify unique solutions that result in shared success serve as the platform for Charter to deliver its core capabilities utilizing alternative project delivery methods. Today’s environmental remediation projects are complicated and diverse with many competing stakeholder expectations. Engaging Charter early in the project development process can help to identify whether a more collaborative, non-traditional delivery method will yield a better project outcome for all. Alternative project structures include Integrated Project Delivery and Design – Build / Remediate.


Environmental-Public-Private Partnerships (EP3)
Charter Development has experience applying traditional P3 commercial structuring concepts to redevelop impaired parcels featuring complex underlying environmental liabilities. We combine our development expertise, regulatory knowledge and remediation construction core competency with our deep partner network and access to capital to create innovative, long-term project relationships between the public and private sectors.
Alternative Project Delivery

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