Lynn Harborpark Enabling

Environmental Public-Private Partnership (EP3)

  • Charter Development Affiliates
  • Lynn, MA

Project Overview

Charter Development acquired over 30 acres along the Lynn waterfront, with future plans to revitalize the property and transform the area into a public waterfront park.


The project site encompasses the former Lynn landfill and additional parcels along Lynn waterfront, acquired from National Grid via a land transfer agreement.

Original state:

The legacy of industrial uses on the waterfront in Lynn combined with the impacts of climate change – sea rise elevation and increased storm events, has created many challenges to realizing the highest and best use of this uniquely situated location to the economic and social benefit of the community and region. Constraints to the site include fragmented industrial uses, extensive ground contamination and an eroding coastline.


Lynn, MA is home to 300 acres of waterfront that has remained an untapped asset and inaccessible to the citizens of the City for decades. In acquiring these parcels and taking the land remediation a step further to redevelop the area into public space, this site can serve as a jumping off point for further revitalization of the area, allowing for additional development opportunities and helping the City of Lynn achieve its vision of creating a significant presence on the waterfront, and spur future economic activity within the community at large.


Charter Development successfully completed a complex permitting process spanning MA-DEP Solid Waste, 21E (MCP), Chapter 91 licensing and Designated Port Area jurisdictions. In progress are a 21-acre Landfill Cap Repair Project along with associated remediation, remediation of MGP-impacted parcels utilizing an In Situ Soil Stabilization method, managing the importation of 540,00 CY of grading & shaping materials, and advancing coastal resiliency measures to protect the land from 100-year storm surges.


Charter has facilitated key stakeholder planning process, including with City of Lynn, MA-DEP, CZM, MA-EOEEA and other local stakeholders to convert the assemblage to a signature park. In doing so, the City has also been able to move forward with a 245-acre waterfront master plan, which will address additional adjacent liabilities and unlock follow-on investment opportunities.

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Project Highlights

  • Revitalization of Lynn’s untapped and inaccessible waterfront asset
  • Complex permitting process spanning MA-DEP Solid Waste, 21E (MCP), Chapter 91 licensing and Designated Port Area jurisdictions
  • 21-acre Landfill Cap Repair Project
  • Remediation of adjacent MGP-impacted parcels utilizing an In Situ Soil Stabilization method
  • Importation of 540,00 CY of grading & shaping materials
  • Facilitated key stakeholder planning process to help City move forward with 245-acre waterfront Master Plan
  • Paved the way to addressing additional adjacent liabilities and unlocking follow-on investment opportunities