Exciting News: Charter’s Next Chapter!

Charter is pleased to announce an exciting shift within our leadership team. Bob Delhome, Charter’s founder and CEO, will be transitioning from the role of President to focus on a more dynamic, external-facing position. In this new capacity, Bob will be concentrating on Strategy, Business Development, People, and Culture, propelling Charter into an exciting phase of innovation.

Throughout Charter’s 26-year history, Bob has been instrumental in steering the company’s success, with a significant portion of his responsibilities concentrated in the office. Now, he is eagerly looking forward to embracing a more hands-on approach by immersing himself in project sites, engaging with clients, and actively participating in the communities where Charter operates. This shift will enable him to establish stronger connections, gain firsthand insights, and contribute more comprehensively to the overall success of the company’s initiatives.

We’re also proud to announce that Rob Callahan will be stepping into the expanded role of President and CFO. Rob’s exceptional qualifications and experience make him the ideal candidate to lead the company through its next stages of growth, while preserving and fortifying the cherished Charter culture that sets us apart.

We firmly believe that, with Rob at the helm and the unwavering expertise of our existing leadership team, Charter will attain unparalleled levels of operational excellence and effectiveness. This strategic move will facilitate Bob’s transition and will empower him to focus on the overarching priorities shared by the entire Charter team.

This transition has been in the works for years now, and I’m thrilled to be able to spend even more time, with greater energy, on the big picture, and the overall success of Charter. It’s an opportunity to align my passion with the trajectory of the business and contribute in new ways. I have complete confidence in Rob’s ability to lead Charter to new horizons while staying true to our core values, and I’m genuinely excited about embarking on the next phase of the Charter journey.” – Bob Delhome

At Charter, we’re profoundly grateful for the steadfast support of our team, clients and partners and we look forward to achieving even greater success together in the future.

Thank you for being an integral part of Charter’s story. We’re eager to continue to make a lasting impact in our industry.

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Exciting News: Charter’s Next Chapter!